Pureit Water Purifier Classic 23 LTR

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Height:61 cms
Width :29 cms
Depth:26 cm
Weight:4.1 kg
Total purifier volume:23 Litres
Water storage capacity:9 Litres
Material of construction: Food Safe, Non-Toxic, Engineering Plastic

Material Of Construction: Food Safe, Non-Toxic, Engineering Plastic
Purification capacity: The Germkill Kit has been designed to typically give 1500 litres of water at a temperature of 25˚C, in moderate humidity conditions
Expiry period: Two years from the date of manufacturing
Germkill performance standard: Meets stringent international criteria of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA, for harmful viruses & bacteria removal The best performance of Pureit will be achieved if the input water to Pureit is from a municipal source, else you may have to regularly clean various filtering components (except GKP), top chamber, batching chamber & transparent chamber with purified water as per instructions given u/s – Cleaning and Maintenance